AHW: The 8 Best Exercises for Lower Abs

These days I'm doing a 3-2-1 routine and I'm really seeing some improvement in my mid-section. It's strength training for 3 minutes, 2 minutes of core exercises and cardio for a minute. I do 3 sets of this routine with a minute rest in between. So 20 minutes in total. ...

What is Nordic Walking?

Try out Nordic walking if you are getting bored of your usual walk and want to burn more calories.

If Ernestine Can, Why Can’t We?

Ernestine Shepherd - a true inspiration for young and old, men and women and for everybody who want to live a quality life.

AHW – 4 Thigh Slimming Exercises

4 best thigh slimming exercises

AHW – Basic Routine for Beginners

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