110 Cardio Workout Ideas

Strength training and cardio workouts are the two parts of the fitness equation. One without the other will not yield desired results. One more than the other will not help either. Both has to be done and one has to find the right balance to reach the optimal fitness level.

Walking, running at a slow pace is just an activity but to make it count as a cardio activity the following requirements should be met.

  1. The activity should elevate your heart into aerobic zone.
  2. The activity should be at least 10 minutes per session. Slowly build it up for an hour and remember a couple of 10-20 minutes over the day is perfectly fine if you are not able to allocate a full hour at a stretch.
  3. For best results at least 3 days of cardio is a must.

Running out of ideas for cardio workouts? Worry no more. Check out this extensive list of 110 cardio activities and never be bored at all. Just one activity or a combination of 2 or 3 will make it interesting too.


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