Confessions of a weight loss coach

Confessions of a Weight Loss Coach

Today I happened to read this lengthy open apology of a weight loss coach to all of her clients and can't stop wondering how...
Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

A combination of good diet and proper exercise is the key to weight loss. Unfortunately there is no fancy machine available to help you...
Best Resistance Bands For Bodybuilding

6 Best Resistance Bands For Bodybuilding

Resistance band exercises are the best way to give muscles a new stimulus to promote bodybuilding. Find the top 6 best resistance bands for bodybuilding.


Green Smoothie Recipes

Top 10 BEST Green Smoothie Recipes

Before discussing about how green smoothie recipes cater to one’s good health, it is worth learning about the ingredients that make this pulp nutrient rich.
smoothie recipies

8 Gorgeous Green Smoothie Recipes

The best and easiest way to get in nutrition especially on busy mornings is drinking green smoothies. Check out the amazing recipes.
Power Parfait for Breakfast

Have a Power Parfait for Breakfast!

Power up your breakfast with this energizing parfait.
5 Super Foods For Joint Pain

5 Super Foods To Avoid Joint Pain

Joint pains become more common with old age. Although there is no food that can directly cure joint pains but according to research, these foods to alleviate the pain and fight the inflammation.
Homemade Chocolate Protein Bars

Homemade Chocolate Protein Bars

Why shell out money to buy protein bars filled with artificial ingredients when you can make it with 100% natural and healthy ingredients!
super 7 food for vegetarians

Top 6 Superfoods for Vegetarians

I was eager to find out what the top super foods were and also wanted to see how many of it we were consuming...
Low-Cal Potato Chips in 5 Minutes

DIY: Low-Cal Potato Chips in 5 Minutes

Make fat free potato chips at home using the microwave oven.
super smoothie

8 High-Fiber Fruit Smoothies

It's a well known fact that including more fiber in our diet will likely help with weight loss because it will make us feel...


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Best Running Shorts For Thick Thighs

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