5 Best Detox Foods to Rev Your Metabolism Being heavy is not ideal for anyone on this planet. Weight loss is commonly associated with starvation. If a person eats less or worse, does not eat at all, he is bound to tone down. Very well but what about the other health concerns he might eventually develop? Some gastric issues to start with and death due to malnutrition to end! Keeping a body deprived from food is no solution. It only adds to the problem and beefs up more weight as the body bloats due to excessive gas formation. The only way to cut-down the annoying pounds and truck on with a flourishing health is by sticking to a right dietary regimen.

Are you putting up with the FLC syndrome pretty often? By the way, FLC stands for ‘Feel like Crap’! Do you wake up in the morning feeling dull, fat and low on energy? If yes then you certainly need to learn about detox for weight loss in details. In an attempt to slip into your favorite pair of jeans and slacken the increasing waistline, you’ve probably forgotten to munch upon the much-needed nutritious food and meals throughout the day. Guess what? The side-effects are just about to ring in if it hasn’t by now. Severe headache, digestion issues, fatigue, allergies, brain fog and excruciating stomach ache are namely some of them. So, again a massive set-back in terms of health.

Did you know that human body stocks-in toxic substances that eventually paves way for diseases and dysfunctions? Well, sugar, caffeine, wheat, flour – can you think about an ordinary run-of-the-mill diet that does not include any of these items? Pretty obvious, the answer is NO! As per science, both sugar and flour are highly addictive. So even though you might not be a glutton, these addictive aliments have completely messed up your brain chemistry and the hormones keep increasing your cravings. These uncontrollable cravings lead to overeating and ultimately result in excessive weight gain. To put it in a nutshell, sugar is the new-age nicotine that is eight-times more addictive than cocaine. Back to the square, a human body accumulates toxins over time from the daily food stuffs. These toxins are needed to be released because a surplus toxin build-up can lead to severe gross outcomes like brain fog, irritability, gas and bloating, skin damages and breakouts and extreme cravings for sweet and junk foods. To cleanse the body from toxins and also witness a healthy toning experience, there is a pressing need of detox for weight loss.

Here are the 5 best detox foods to reboot Your Metabolism with a Stunning Detox Diet:

1. Broccoli

Broccoli Black Beans Stir Fry Are you versed about the nutritional aspects of broccoli? This green veggie has an amazing positive impact on the body’s detoxification system. It is the blend of nutrients in a broccoli (glucoraphanin, glucobrassicin and gluconasturtiin) that does the magical wonders. These nutrients wards off all forms of contamination in the body and also shields the body cells against toxins. Not to forget, the substantial quantities of both Vitamin A and C makes broccoli an excellent detox aliment. That’s not all about broccoli! Another chemical found in broccoli, known as Sulforaphane ensures excellent relief to asthma patients. This chemical neutralizes almost every toxin getting into a human body’s respiratory system. Broccoli is also high in fiber that soaks-up surplus toxin dumped into the body system. Fibrous food items are also great in cutting-down cravings since the stomach feels fuller after gorging down a bowl of fresh broccoli. Check here for Vegetarian Broccoli Recipes.


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