5. Brussel Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts Speaking of detoxification and no mention of brussel sprouts is totally vague. This vegetable is a popular detox agent and also combat diseases as grave as the Big C. The phytonutrients in brussel sprouts boost-up the natural defense system in the body. Sulforaphane, a chemical also found in broccoli triggers the liver, thereby catalyzing the secretion of an enzyme that efficiently detoxifies the cancer-causing chemicals. Its fibrous components help clear off the digestive tract and even satisfy hunger. Brussel sprouts have an excellent cholesterol-lowering feature. Do you know about cruciferous vegetables? Well, brussel sprouts tops the charts of the best available cruciferous vegetables because of its high content of glucosinolate. It is much higher than the usual turnip greens, kale, cabbage, cauliflower and even broccoli. The reason why glucosinolate is considered as a prime nutrient is because this nutrient is naturally cancer-curing.

Reference: WhFoods.com

Whether you are interested to have a perfect, slim beach-body or simply enjoy a healthy body, fad diets and starvation are no good solution. It is a proper detox diet that marks the grade. Do you agree?


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