2. The Five Miracle Fruits

Strawberries Detoxification is not a one day magic process. It is about warding off toxins from a human body that has been building up for long. Therefore, a little time is necessary, don’t you think? Speaking of detoxification, did you know that water is the beast weapon to combat the risks of toxin-borne diseases? A human body is 70% water and this water helps flush out the toxins. It also pumps-up the metabolism and allows the liver to release the stored fat in a jiffy. Water enhances the nerve functions and also improves the condition and function of kidneys. Having said this, it is also true that drinking water every time is pretty boring. Your taste-buds are craving for something delicious? How about treating these buds with the healthy, nutritious fruits like orange, lemon, ginger, apple and strawberry? Each of these fruits is high in nutrition and works as a serious detoxifying agent. Orange is potent with nutrients that improve blood circulation in the body. Lemon on the other hand, again a rich source of vitamin C ensures proper digestion. Ginger is fascinating immune system booster. Apples are a tenement of nutrition, hence the saying ‘An Apple a day keeps the doctor away!’ However, other than detoxification, apples contribute towards the growth and development of bones and tissues. Last but not the least strawberries are chock-full of anti-oxidants, the much needed nutrients for detoxification.

Reference: Bembu.com


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