At Home Exercises for losing belly fat

Do you feel embarrassed on taking note of your over-sized waistline? Just so you know, being pot-bellied is much more than just wardrobe issues. An increased waistline calls for deadly diseases. So, instead of being just annoyed or depressed with a bloated belly, let some fear creep in you. The fear of getting targeted with malicious disorders that will take a very bad toll on your overall health! Only then you can seriously think of ways to lose belly fat and execute it with dedication.

Need more reasons to modify your current lifestyle and take a break from being obese? Well, as per science it is very normal to have belly fat. Common sense – every individual does not aspire to be a model or an athlete with amazingly toned bodies and totally flat abs, as if they were hand-sculpted. So, people choose not to exercise and gobble up foods that they like, irrespective of it being junk or healthy. What happens next is very difficult to get rid off! Some fat gets stored right under the skin, the epidermis to be precise. Slackening such fats is a cakewalk. However, what one needs to be worried about is the excess fat that gets stored around the organs like cushions. In medical terms, it is known as visceral fat.

Don’t worry! The visceral fat might make you lazy but is very stubborn and super active. The fat keeps secreting substances that add to ill-health. Hence, you can easily be targeted with diseases like high blood pressure, heart disorders, type 2 diabetes, dementia and even the big C. So, jokes apart, you definitely need to be worried! Bear in mind, in order to lose belly fat, you do need to cut-back on your fries. However, other than diet there are three basic points one needs to adhere to – proper sleep, less stress and regular exercises.

Here’s some popular at home exercises to lose tummy fat:

Drills with a Medicine Ball

To target tummy fat, you need to focus on exercises that deal with abs. This particular oblique done using a medicine ball works wonders in toning down the belly fat. All you need to do is sit and raise your legs to form a V. Note the movement of your torso as well. Keep the lower legs cross while it’s in the air. Hold the medicine ball with both your hands. Try and swivel from left to right and vice-versa. When moving, always focus on maintaining the V shape because failing to do so might not create great impact on the abs or the tummy to be precise.



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