Have you heard about Pilates? Considered as a great workout solution for those depressed with a fatty obese body, pilates plays an amazing role in cutting-back tummy fat in a very less time. One such effective pilate drill is the teaser. For this exercise, you need to lie on your back first and then lift up your feet to a 90-degree angle. This is good since it puts a pressure on the ab muscles, right? Inhale some air and tighten your abs. Now stretch your hands back over the head and keep the pressure going. After a few seconds, exhale and bring your arms forward. Gradually straighten your legs, such that the body attains a V-shape. You can choose to lay your hands on the floor for support. This is how a simple teaser is performed. At-least 15 reps a day is needed to experience amazing slimming results.

Torching away tummy fat is not always an expensive affair. You need not drop by a great gym too. Following a healthy diet along-with the above mentioned at home exercises to lose tummy fat is enough to help you achieve fine-fettled health status and ofcourse a toned and fat-less belly. Try these drills!


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