Does eating fat make- you fat? Fat – Indeed a word to be feared! Why not? Fat paves way for malefic chronic diseases like heart attacks, diabetes, obesity and God knows what not. It also ruins the physical appeal of a person. After all, a pumpkin shaped body-type hardly looks appealing, right? Lastly, fat makes a person dull and lazy. For those struggling hard to torch away those fatty tires and flabbiness, only one question pops in their mind – why on earth did fat have to exist?

Well, the truth is – fat found in food has nothing to do with obesity or your increasing waistline. It’s all a myth! Thinking about cutting-down fat from your regular diet? Believe it or not, it’s hardly going to help you improve from being ‘obese’ to being ‘totally toned’. Confused about your diet plan now? Wondering which substances actually make you fat? The real answer is ‘CARBS’! Growing waistline and increasing weight is all an aftermath of taking carb-rich diets on a regular basis. It is carbohydrates that secretly store fats in a human body. Did you know that insulin level in the bloodstream determines how much fat a human body can potentially store? Carbs in general beefs up the insulin level in the body, resulting in the optimization of fat storage too. When the insulin level drips, the same stored fat is used up by the body as fuel. That’s pretty much the whole theory behind storage of fats. (More about the top 10 fat burning foods here) Now, are you ready to reconsider the idea that eating fat makes you fat?

Fat is certainly an essential nutrient needed by the body for a smooth metabolism. As per the reports submitted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, fats have the potential to improve health standards in a big way. Good fat even caters to weight loss. Before delving deep to learn about the befitting role of fat in a human body, it is imperative to distinguish between the various groups and types and fat. First up is the Saturated fat which is more of a solid fat. Second in the list is the ‘Unsaturated’ type. Mostly, unsaturated fat is all liquid and easy to be used. Last but not the least is the ‘Trans Fat’. This is also labeled as the bad fat that is actually perilous for health as it is the liquid fat that is transformed into solid by a process called ‘Hydrogenation’.

Types of Fat that promotes flourishing health standards:

Polyunsaturated Omega 3

Avocado: Polyunsaturated Fat Haven’t you heard about the benefits of Omega 3? It is a type of fatty acid that effectively slackens the risks of chronic diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disorders, inflammation, dementia, arthritis, diabetes and many others. Omega 3 fatty acids belong to the unsaturated fat group with the only exception of having a single carbon-carbon double bond in its hydrocarbon composition, also the reason why Omega 3 is precisely labeled as ‘Polyunsaturated’. Looking for edibles that are rich with Omega 3 fatty acid? Try incorporating flaxseed and walnuts in your dietary regimen.



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