Saturated Fat

Coconut: Saturated Fat Speaking of the solid (saturated) fats, a few names that immediately springs up are milk, cheese and coconut oil. For years, people have believed in the old undying myth that fat caters to bad health. This is definitely not true! Fat, especially saturated fat never contributes to the harrowing disorders of high cholesterol, heart disease or cancer. It does not clog the arteries as well. Instead, saturated fat works wonders in a human body. From strengthening the immune system, safeguarding the liver, improving metabolism rates to contributing to the structural integrity of body cells, strengthening of bones and sprucing up the very essential immune system, saturated fat does it all. Not to forget, saturated fat comes with anti-microbial properties that keeps your digestive tract clear from harmful microbes if any. 


Fat, often reckoned as the roly-poly bottom and the pot-belly is not exactly that gross. It plays a vital role in the body. Let’s see how!


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