Top Vegetarian Protein Sources

Protein bars, protein shakes – pretty obvious that people, especially bodybuilders and health freaks are crazy about this nutrient, isn’t it? After all, protein is one of the prime-most basic nutrients needed by the body and in science; it is as referred as ‘The Building Block’. Did you know that everything, from your hair to your nails comprise of proteins? Even bones, cartilage and muscles need protein for durability. It flows in the bloodstream and creates enzymes and chemicals, functioning towards a better health.

Suffering from the wear and tear of tissues? Know that only adequate protein can repair such tissues naturally. The reason why bodybuilders reckon protein to be a very essential nutrient is because unlike fats and carbohydrates, protein gets stored in the body, especially in the muscles. Since body building requires maximum muscle force, a strong dose of protein everyday is absolutely imperative. Meat eaters find it easy since protein is easily found in food items like meat, eggs and fish. However, it is sometimes challenging for a vegetarian to cater to the body’s growing protein needs. Not any more since here’s a very important list of the top 10 vegetarian protein sources.



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