Here are 12 Carbohydrates that can Help You Lose Weight

Can you eat carbohydrates and still manage to be skinny? Of course you can! - As long as you consume the following healthy carbohydrates.

Vegetarians! Is Your Diet Complete?

Too many people are switching to simple vegan diets these days. Any idea why? Well, it is believed that vegetarianism promotes healthy life. So, if you are eager to put mileage on and yet stay healthy and hearty, following a simple vegan/vegetarian diet is of much benefit. However, those gorging on animal proteins need...

10 Worst Diet Tips

When looking to start a new, healthy lifestyle there’s an overwhelming amount of advice and dieting tips available, much of it contradictory. Some diets and dieting tips are wonderful and will lead to successful weight loss and overall improvement in health, while others range from legitimate advice taken to an extreme to absolute,...

The 5 Best Detox Foods to Rev Your Metabolism

Did you know that human body stocks-in toxic substances that eventually paves way for diseases? Here are the 5 best detox foods to reboot your Metabolism.

Does Eating Fat Make You Fat?

Fat – Indeed a word to be feared! Why not? Fat paves way for malefic chronic diseases like heart attacks, diabetes, obesity and God knows what not. It also ruins the physical appeal of a person. After all, a pumpkin shaped body-type hardly looks appealing, right? Lastly, fat makes a person dull and...