12 Best Bed Time Snacks For Weight Loss

12 Best Night Time Snacks For Weight Loss

It is very common to want a snack even if you've already finished dinner. Here are 10 best snacks that can fill you up but are known for their weight loss benefits.
Vegetarian Meal Planning

Vegetarian Meal Planning (with sample menus)

Like I have mentioned in my earlier posts, the main reason we vegetarians are not able to lose fat as much as and as...
divya transformation

Divya’s Inspirational “Fat-Loss” Story

A vegetarian's successful fat loss story. Ever wonder what should you eat, how to exercise and how to lose fat safely, inspite of being a vegetarian? The answer is here. Be prepared to get wowed by Divya's inspirational transformation story. This could be you too, if you do all the right things.
Green Smoothie Recipes

Top 10 BEST Green Smoothie Recipes

Before discussing about how green smoothie recipes cater to one’s good health, it is worth learning about the ingredients that make this pulp nutrient rich.
Top 10 Flat Abs Foods

Top 10 Flat Abs Foods

Eat these super foods regularly and enjoy flatter abs.

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