10 Simple Guidelines for Eating Healthy

I stumbled upon the No Meat Athlete while I was looking for healthy snack ideas for vegetarians and have been hooked on it ever since. I have always felt that it’s considerably easier for omnivores to lose weight than us vegetarians and vegans. So I felt like I hit a jackpot when I found Matt’s blog.

Our meat eating friends have the luxury of going low-carb without starving and piling up calories whereas we vegetarians mainly feed on calories and carb loaded grains. A lot of that changed for me when I read Raj’s blog and have since made a conscious effort to adopt a plant based diet. I have a (green) smoothie for breakfast and salad for lunch most of the days. Snack on berries and baby carrots. It’s not at all as boring as it may sound. So don’t hesitate and just start incorporating one guideline every week and by the end of 10 weeks you will definitely notice the difference.


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