12 Best Bed Time Snacks For Weight LossIt is very common to want a snack even if you’ve already finished dinner. But breakfast is still a full night’s sleep away and add up the fact that you’re on a weight loss diet. So what do you do? Fear no more! Here are the 10 best snacks for weight loss that can fill you up but are known for their weight loss benefits.


Bed Time CerealsBreakfast cereals for nighttime snacks? Who would have thought of this? A study by Waller published in the Journal of American College of Nutrition showed that snacks in the form of breakfast cereals can regulate excess energy intake and contribute to weight loss in night snackers. In their experiment, eating cereals after dinner can decrease calorie intake in night snackers and promote weight loss in obese women.

Reference: Waller, S.M., Vander Wal JS, Klurfeld DM, McBurney MI, Cho S, Bijlani S, Dhurandhar NV. 2004. “Evening ready-to-eat cereal consumption contributes to weight management.J Am Coll Nutr 316-321.


muesliLike breakfast cereals, having oatmeal for dinner is a good way to limit your calories, which is essential for any weight loss diet. According to the study of Chan and Huang (2013), women who consume oats as a night time snack generally had significant weight loss as compared to those who didn’t. The results of their study showed that eating oats in a regular basis can reduce obesity and belly fats, and can possibly help in reducing risks for metabolic disorders.

Reference: Chang, H.C., and Yeh DM, Wang SJ, Peng CH, Wang CJ. Huang CN. 2013. “Oat prevents obesity and abdominal fat distribution, and improves liver function in humans.Plant Foods Hum Nutr 18-23.

Baby Carrots

Baby CarrotsIf you are looking for a healthy snack with weight reducing benefit, you should probably reach out for a bag of baby carrots. An average size of baby carrot has only 4 calories, 2.5 grams fiber, and high amounts of vitamin A. Carrots are also good sources of beta-carotene, which along with vitamin A, is good for the eyesight. The consumption of baby carrots as a bedtime snack, is high encouraged By Nicolle and Cardinault (2003), as published in the European Journal of Nutrition. In their study, it was revealed that the antioxidant content of carrots can also modify cholesterol absorption, hence, promoting weight loss.

Reference: Nicolle, C., and Aprikian O, Busserolles J, Grolier P, Rock E, Demigné C, Mazur A, Scalbert A, Amouroux P, Rémésy C. Cardinault N. 2003. “Effect of carrot intake on cholesterol metabolism and on antioxidant status in cholesterol-fed rat.Eur J Nutr. 254-261.


BananasBanana is one of the few foods that can fill you up but can still support weight loss. A medium banana provides you only 150 calories, making it ideal in controlling weight Bananas are very high in fiber that makes you feel full a lot longer and also helps in proper digestion. Furthermore, bananas can also support your immune system, reducing overall inflammation.

Reference: Leidy, H.J., and Armstrong CL, Martin CB, Campbell WW. Tang M. 2011. “The effects of consuming frequent, higher protein meals on appetite and satiety during weight loss in overweight/obese men.Obesity (Silver Spring) 818-824.


ApplesEating apples as a night time snack can be helpful in weight loss. Not only that apples are juicy but they can suppress increase in body weight too. A study published in the journal Nutrition showed that overweight women who consumed apples as a bedtime snack generally had greater weight loss as compared to those who didn’t.

Reference: Conceição de Oliveira, M., R. Sichieri, and A. Sanchez Moura. 2003 . “Weight loss associated with a daily intake of three apples or three pears among overweight women.Nutrition 253-256.

Non-Fat Greek Yogurt

Greek YogurtWhen the urge to eat nighttime snack strikes, a non-fat Greek yogurt is one smart choice. Studies by Douglas and his colleagues (2003) showed that yogurt contains high amounts of protein, which can help in reducing hunger, increasing fullness, and delaying urge for eating. Eating non-fat yogurt can provide your daily needs of calcium and protein, without the added fat and calories. In addition, yogurt can provide better digestion due to its healthy live microorganism content.

Reference: Douglas, S.M., and Hoertel HA, Leidy HJ. Ortinau LC. 2013. “Low, moderate, or high protein yogurt snacks on appetite control and subsequent eating in healthy women.Appetite 117-122.

Cottage Cheese

CheeseIn a study by Ostrowska and his colleagues (2012), overweight women who included cottage cheese in their diet generally lost more weight as compared to those who didn’t. Upon eating cottage cheese, participants experienced less hunger and increased fullness. In addition to its weight loss-promoting ability, cottage cheese can also lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.

Reference: Ostrowska, L., and Jastrzebska M, Adamska E, Wujek A, Waszczeniuk M. Stefańska E. 2012. “Effects of dietary habits modifications on selected metabolic parameters during weight loss in obese persons.Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 83-90.


popcornIf you’re looking for a nighttime snack that you can enjoy while watching movies, popcorn is the best answer! Popcorn is relatively low in calories but very high in fiber. Fiber is known to induce satiety, making you feel full for a long period of time. Research published in the Nutrition Journal suggested that as compared to other bedtime snacks like potato chips, popcorn reduces feelings of hunger while at the same time, managing energy intake and reducing total body weight.

Reference: Von Nguyen, Lisa Cooper,1 Joshua Lowndes,1 Kathleen Melanson,2 Theodore J Angelopoulos,3 James M Rippe,4 and Kristin Reimerscorresponding author. 2012. “Popcorn is more satiating than potato chips in normal-weight adults.Nutr J.


walnutsNuts like walnuts are considered as nutrient dense foods—they contain high amounts of vegetable protein, healthy fatty acids, fiber, minerals, and antioxidants. Contrary to the popular belief that attributes nuts with obesity, studies published in the journal Nutrients proved that consuming nuts, walnuts in particular, can even contribute to weight loss.  In addition to that, walnuts have added digestive and cardiovascular benefits, which are beneficial for healthier diets.

Reference: Ros, Emilio. 2010. “Health Benefits of Nut Consumption.” Nutrients 652–682.

Chia Bars

Chia SeedsDid you know that you can eat chia seeds for weight loss?  Though tiny, these seeds are some of the best in terms of health benefits. In the market, chia seeds are available in various forms, but the most efficient and perhaps the most delicious way is to consume them in bars. Chia seeds are very good source of fiber and manganese, both of which are responsible for reducing hunger and making you feel a lot longer. Studies by Leidy and his colleagues also revealed that chia seeds are very low in fats, hence, they are very helpful in losing weight.

Reference: Leidy, H.J., and Armstrong CL, Martin CB, Campbell WW. Tang M. 2011. “The effects of consuming frequent, higher protein meals on appetite and satiety during weight loss in overweight/obese men.Obesity (Silver Spring) 818-824.

Puffed Rice

Puffed RiceToo much consumption of rice is commonly associated with weight gain. But did you know that consuming its processed form, puffed rice, is linked to weight loss? Studies revealed that as compared to rice, puffed rice is very low in calories. “Puffed rice can lower the blood sugar levels, help delay the onset of hunger; hence, enhancing weight loss“, says Jill Corleone, a dietitian.

Reference: Carleone, Jill. Puffed Rice Diet. 2015.  Link


EdamameEdamame is the Japanese term for a young soybean that has been harvested before it starts to harden. “Edamame is naturally low in calories and is gluten-free. It is also low in cholesterol and a good source of iron, magnesium, and calcium. As soybeans, edamame is also an important source of protein for people who follow a vegetarian diet”, says Megan Ware, a dietitian.  Many studies have already suggested that eating edamame can contribute to weight loss and even decrease the risk of obesity.

Reference: Ware, Megan. Nutrition / Diet. 2015.  Link.

It’s always okay not to starve yourself even when you’re in a weight loss diet. In the meantime, you can try these suggested snacks because they’re sure to be healthy and filling at the same time.


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