Benefits of Spin Bikes

Benefits of Spin Bikes: Mountain biking and cycling remain very popular – and there is a reason many people choose this type of exercise to lose weight, cardio health, and much more.

There are many benefits to cycling, and you can easily get these benefits with modern, comfortable, and high-quality spin bikes. Keep reading to discover more benefits of spin bikes.

Benefits of Spin Bikes

Here are the top 15 benefits of spin bikes reviewed and analyzed by Waist Healthy:

1. Burn Calories

The main benefit of spin bikes is that it offers users cardio workouts of varying intensity, whether you want to improve your overall health, or more focused on things like weight loss.

  • This means 45 minutes of workout can help you lose up to 500 calories.
  • You can increase or decrease the tension of the bike according to your preference.
  • After some weeks, you will see significant changes if you work out in the right method.
  • Having an indoor exercise bike means you can work out regardless of the weather, and can safely watch movies, TV, listen to audiobooks, podcasts, music, and more.

2. Low-Impact Exercise

Another benefit of spin bikes is that cycling is generally a low impact exercise.

  • While you can find many of the same benefits in cycling, running, or jogging, cycling causes less wear on the ankles, knees, and other joints.
  • Apart from the long-term benefits, it also means you can work out for longer comfortably.
  • Spin bikes are perfect for those with muscle or joint issues as it offers the opportunity to work out with less discomfort and pain.
  • Also, people recovering from any injury can use it under the supervision of a doctor.
  • It is a prescribed and safe way of working out, which won’t cause you any harm if done right.

3. Workout Tracking for Sense of Accomplishment

Most spin bikes come with an LED display monitor, which allows you to keep track of your workout progress.

  • The monitor usually displays things like speed, RPM, calories burned, heart rate, distance traveled, time, and much more.
  • Most of these displays on spin bikes are backlit, so it is easier to read your stats.
  • You can’t find a monitor on a real bicycle, and this is one thing that distinguishes spin bikes from regular bikes.
  • This feature makes it easy for users to track how they have to go reach their goals.

4. Increased Cardiovascular Fitness

Heart Disease is the number one killer in the US and is responsible for over 30% of annual deaths globally, making it a universal concern.

  • Surprisingly, you can reduce the risk of heart disease by adopting spin bikes into your lifestyle.
  • Expanding your heart and lung capacity can help you reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • A study found that spin bikes can increase cardiovascular fitness by up to 7 percent as it makes the heart pound steadily.
  • Cycling involves several leg muscles that help to increase the heart rate to benefit stamina and fitness.

5. Reduce the risk of Cancer

Although nothing can eliminate the chance of cancer striking completely, cycling is linked with a considerably lower risk of adverse health outcomes.

  • Also, it makes a significant difference in the fight against cancer.
  • One of the few exercises that have been proven to reduce the risk of cancer is spinning.
  • Cycling helps the body cells to get active and is more likely to help the body fight against diseases.

6. Improve Endurance

If you always feel weak while performing easy daily tasks, you are most likely lacking endurance.

  • Building fitness endurance is a big goal for many fitness enthusiasts, and fortunately, it’s one of the top benefits of spin bikes.
  • By improving cardio and muscular endurance, you will increase your cardio performance and strength not only in the gym studio but for daily activities.
  • Spin bikes are ideal for those people who do not want to be involved in tough and demanding exercises like aerobics, climbing, running, and much more.

7. Keeps Your Blood Pressure in Check

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 68 million American adults suffer from high blood pressure.

  • If you want to drop your medications or reduce your blood pressure, adopting spin bikes into your lifestyle is one of the most efficient drug-free treatments available.
  • Studies have shown that cardiovascular exercises lower resting blood pressure and also reduce your risk of hypertension.
  • Doing slightly intense work out for 30 minutes on a spin bike lowers the blood pressure, provided it is done regularly.

8. Reduce Stress

A proven method of reducing stress levels is exercise, and a spinning session is more effective in doing the same.

  • This is because spinning is an intensive type of workout, and you can also sit.
  • Exercise is perfect for stress management because it helps the mind to focus on something other than what is causing the anxiety.
  • Funny enough, planning and sticking to the exercise regime is a source of stress for people who work out.
  • With spin bikes, there is not much of that.
  • All you need to do is get on the exercise bike and pedal away.
  • You need not think about any other thing.
  • You can simply relax the mind and focus on pedaling and breathing.

9. Muscle Tone Building

Working out on spin bikes forces tension on the core muscles, thighs, and butts, helping you to build muscle tone.

  • Working out in the appropriate position and with the right amount of strength can help you tone up your muscles in your preferred way.
  • Exercising on spin bikes might feel and look like you are putting no efforts, but that isn’t the case.
  • This is because spin bikes make the body workout without you knowing.
  • The constant movement of the thighs and legs help in building and toning muscles in the lower part of your body.

10. Low Risk of Injury

Despite being very intense, spinning is a low-impact exercise, and you need not worry about getting injured.

  • It is quite easy on the joints; you are putting your knees and hips to use, but you are not putting a lot of weight on them.
  • This makes it ideal for those seniors whose joints are stiffer and more liable to injury or damage.
  • It is important to note that your muscles will react, and you’ll feel the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), but it is unlikely it will cause serious harm.
  • Additionally, the fact that you are not outdoors and the spin bike is well fixed in place, you need not worry about falling off or crashing.

11. Boost Immune System

Having a strong immune system means you are more likely to live longer and are unlikely to experience so many illnesses.

  • Few things contribute to the immune system strength, mainly associated with lifestyle and diet, but a major factor is the thymus gland.
  • This gland releases T-cells that destroy and hunt down the cells infected by harmful bacteria.
  • As you age, the thymus shrinks, and consequently, fewer T-cells are released into the body.
  • This is the reason older people get sick more easily.
  • However, research suggests that a senior who regularly cycles will produce as many T-cells as a single 20 years old.
  • You are exercising the thymus while spinning or cycling and preventing it from shrinking.

12. Convenience of Exercising Anytime

Riding outdoors can take some hours to complete, and many people don’t have this kind of time during the week.

  • So using an indoor exercise bike is an ideal option for those moments when you have a packed schedule, and you just have less time to work out.
  • But you need not worry yourself – exercising for a shorter time does not mean you are not reaping similar benefits as a longer workout.
  • For instance, a 130 lbs person riding outdoors at about 15mph for one and a half hours burns up to 700 calories and gets similar physical gains (increased muscular and cardiovascular fitness) as a spin bike.

13. Produce Happy Hormones

You know the feeling you get when you get paid on payday? That happy, fuzzy, warm feeling. Well, that is the body releasing endorphins into the bloodstream.

  • Fortunately, exercise does that too.
  • Don’t take our words for it yet – jump on an exercise bike, and we bet you will feel better than you felt going in.
  • This is simply because working out produces ‘feel good’ endorphins, which interact with receptors in the brain, triggering positive feelings in the body.
  • You will leave the session feeling tired physically, but mentally you will be on a high, and that’s the feeling you will become addicted to.
  • Therefore, staying active helps many people combat depression as well as other negative physical and mental health conditions.

14. Enhance Mental Strength

Spin bikes do two things, especially well, regarding your mental health.

  • The cool down and warmup are nice ways to relax.
  • Before and after subjecting the body through an intensive spinning session, you can close the eyes, work out a little, and let the physical exercise become purgation for releasing suppressed emotions.
  • Spin bikes can also help users develop a ‘can-do’ attitude.
  • Spinning builds mental strength too.
  • When you exercise, there are bad and good days.
  • The significant thing is that you continue with your regular routine.
  • Often, mental self-discipline can be applied to other areas of your life, involving confidence or self-control.

15. Lean Muscles for Your Legs and Core

Spin bikes are great for lean muscle build-up for the legs and core.

  • Leg exercises are one of the most intensive, potentially dangerous, and difficult, and many people sometimes go for working their legs when they want to build muscle.
  • If you are in this category and it is because you are not fond of squats, you can work your leg muscles on a spin bike.
  • It is an effective leg exercise as it works your hamstrings, your squats, your soleus muscles, and your gastrocnemius muscles.
  • Since you are working out at a high-speed and consistently going for an extended time, you are giving your muscles attention with the exercise.

Spin bikes give us the opportunity of working out without the risk of getting hurt. It allows us to motivate ourselves by working out on our set goals and keeping track of everything. Also, they are convenient to use as they can fit easily in little spaces.

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