home gym under 50 bucks
With 2 kids in different age groups, who require my attention in different ways I hardly find any time to go to the gym to get my daily dose of exercise. I think setting up a home gym is the way to go to use my time efficiently and effectively. A year ago I stumbled upon Raj’s blog about fitness and nutrition and finally understood what it takes to lose weight and keep it off permanently, while continuing to be a vegetarian and trying to incorporate rest of his principles. Last summer I was fortunate to find out a boot camp which was based exactly on Raj’s theory.

We did a lot of dumbbell, jump rope, kettle bell and medicine ball exercises and it really worked for me. Then came winter and I couldn’t continue with the program because of the distance I had to commute. So home gym is the only solution for me and for many women (and men) like me with a busy schedule and who always put their interests at the back burner.

How do you sneak in exercise in your busy day without going to the gym? Do you have any tips for me?


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