These resolutions makes complete sense whether you want to lose weight or not. Once you make it a point to make and follow these healthy eating resolutions the weight is bound to come off easily especially if you are adding in some sensible cardio and strength training exercises regularly. Meat eaters don’t skip point 6 and 7. Vegetarians consider using a high quality Omega-3 supplement everyday.

We started off a family tradition recently, not consuming any processed food and going entirely gluten-free for a day. Exception to processed food was products with not more than 3 ingredients and those 3 ingredients should not be anything artificial. For example, store bought organic unsweetened applesauce, brown rice cakes etc were allowed for the kids. Actually the day went off smoothly than I had expected and I’m thinking of making this once a week routine to sort of cleanse the system.

Do you have any such resolutions or healthy traditions in your family? Share it with me.


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