what is Nordic walking?

What is Nordic Walking?

Try out Nordic walking if you are getting bored of your usual walk and want to burn more calories.
11 metabolism myths

11 Metabolism Myths

11 Metabolism Myths Debunked. Stop worrying about metabolism and start moving to get results.
Lower Cholestrol Naturally

14 Foods That Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Are you tired of relying on high doses of medicines to lower your cholesterol levels? Here are 14 foods that can help you lower cholesterol naturally.
Backpacks for yoga mats

Top 12 BEST Backpacks For Yoga Mats

Owning a backpack for yoga mats can make your trips to the gym or yoga class so much easier. In this guide, find the top 12 best backpacks for yoga mats.
If Ernestine Can

If Ernestine Can, Why Can’t We?

Ernestine Shepherd - a true inspiration for young and old, men and women and for everybody who want to live a quality life.

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