Top 10 Flat Abs Foods

Top 10 Flat Abs Foods

Eat these super foods regularly and enjoy flatter abs.
super smoothie

8 High-Fiber Fruit Smoothies

It's a well known fact that including more fiber in our diet will likely help with weight loss because it will make us feel...
super 7 food for vegetarians

Top 6 Superfoods for Vegetarians

I was eager to find out what the top super foods were and also wanted to see how many of it we were consuming...
what is metabolism?

What is Metabolism?

In my early days of trying to lose weight, one word I often kept hearing was "metabolism".
healthy eating resolutions

7 Healthy Eating Resolutions for every Vegetarian

These resolutions makes complete sense whether you want to lose weight or not. Once you make it a point to make and follow these healthy eating resolutions the weight is bound to come off easily.

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