Sweet Potatos

Here are 12 Carbohydrates that can Help You Lose Weight

Can you eat carbohydrates and still manage to be skinny? Of course you can! - As long as you consume the following healthy carbohydrates.
10 Foods to Power Your Workout

10 Foods to Power Your Workout

10 foods to fuel your workout and recover faster.
divya transformation

Divya’s Inspirational “Fat-Loss” Story

A vegetarian's successful fat loss story. Ever wonder what should you eat, how to exercise and how to lose fat safely, inspite of being a vegetarian? The answer is here. Be prepared to get wowed by Divya's inspirational transformation story. This could be you too, if you do all the right things.
Top 15 Foods for Increasing Metabolism

Top 15 Foods That Increase Metabolism

Pot-bellies and fatty tires around the waistline are stubborn. Are you worried on how to get rid of these easy and quick? Well, focus...
Are you getting enough Magnesium?

Are you getting enough Magnesium?

Magnesium-rich foods.

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