Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Are you experiencing a big waistline these days? Sadly, you’ve turned into an apple shape with a not-so-hidden round belly. You do not get to look your best and put on garments that lure your eyes more. However, that’s not the worst! Uncontrolled belly fat is like a welcome to deadly health disorders. From cardiac arrest to high blood pressure and diabetes, the list goes on. Wondering what’s the solution? A proper nutritious diet and physical drills that target belly fat, that’s your only potential solution. Wait! The story does not end here! If you are not motivated enough to look for ways to get rid of the unwanted belly fat, read on.

Here are some surprising facts:

Belly fat, springing on top of your belt-line is not ineffective at all. In fact, it is highly active. Some researchers even call it an active organ. Any idea why? Well, fats found around the belly and abdominal area suppresses the production of hormones. It easily disintegrates into fatty acids that flow through to the liver and muscles, also optimizing the production of bad cholesterol and the very harmful triglycerides. The same fat sets a stage for diabetes by putting a check on the functions of insulin.

In a nutshell, the belly fat you thought was just an addition of a fatty pouch is more than that. It creates harrowing impacts on health. Following a proper nutritious diet, replete with fiber, mineral, calcium is very beneficial when trying to cut-down belly fat. However, to slacken the calorie-count, it is imperative to follow a strict exercise regimen.

Provided below are the best exercises to lose belly fat:


Running You have been gobbling up the right foods and exercising too but is your belly fat still showing up? Well, to start with, belly fats are very stubborn. Run-of-the-mill exercises are not enough to get rid of it. If you’ve been running but running slow for quite a while now, change your course immediately. Stick to at-least 30 minutes of proper running. Remember, the first step to lose fat is to reduce the count of calories and what better than running?

Strength Training

Strength Training Were you of an opinion that crunches could help you tackle belly fat in a great way? Don’t worry, you are not the lone person here thinking in this way. Crunches are surely helpful but it is a combination of exercises that cater to a toned and fat-less belly. You guessed it right, it is strength training. The abdominal section of a human body comprise of various muscle groups. These muscles collectively stabilize areas like the hips, back and the trunk. Strength training mortars the abdominal muscles and prevents it from weakening so as to stay clear from low back pain. Exercises in strength training focuses on firming up the abs and also toning down the already fatty abdomen. To get rid of the fat in the upper-ab area, you are suggested to go for usual crunches. However, to target belly fat in the lower-abdomen area, it is crucial to perform reverse crunches.

Pilates and Yoga

yoga Best exercises to lose belly fat has to include both yoga and Pilates. These drills are more of stretching and twisting but works wonders in slackening belly fat. To obtain a perfect shapely belly, always follow a trick that is also a thumb rule. Keep your hips still when twisting. Always focus on your waist. Move your waist to twist.

Kettle bell Exercises

kettle bell exercises Bloated stomach can leave you concerned about your overall appeal and health. To bid adieu to excess fat, particularly around the stomach, you can put kettlebells into use. Haven’t heard of it much? Well, kettle-bells existed decades before but came into limelight very recently. These are free weights that are used to cut-down the flabbiness and fattiness of the stomach. A doubt may pop-up here – how are weights helpful in fat reduction? Well, unlike regular weights, strictly used for pumping muscles, the center of gravity in kettle bells keeps changing. This makes balancing of body a little difficult. So, to accomplish the exercises further, all core muscles in the stomach are put to use. Eventually, the unwanted stomach fat melts off.

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Also known as squat thrust, burpees are great for stomach. In-fact, this drill targets a whole lot of other muscles including chest, arms and legs. Patients with very less cardiovascular endurance are advised to do burpees since this exercise also adds to the fortitude of heart muscle. To do a squat thrust, you will have to stand straight first. Now bend your knees and carefully touch floor. Make sure, your hands are right in front of your feet. Are you aware of the plank position? Straighten out and acquire the position. Once you are done, get back to the previous low squat position. This completes a set. Now repeat this set for at-least 15 times to witness noticeable change in and around the stomach.

Low-Belly Leg Reach

Ab exercises are not a piece of pie. You need to work a little hard to shed-off the inches in your waistline. Doing a low-belly leg reach can be very fruitful in this case! Health freaks eager to achieve six packs choose to do the low belly leg reach for positive results. All you need to do is lie face-up with your hands behind your head. Now bend your knees to 90-degrees. Inhale deep and crunch up. Hold your breath for at-least 3 to 4 seconds. Once done, exhale and then stretch your knees to 45-degrees. Hold it again for a couple seconds before putting your legs down. This is what low-belly leg reach is all about. Perform at-least 2 sets of 10-15 reps for an effective result.

Donkey Kick-Backs

Exercises to torch fat from arms and legs is simpler than working out to slacken belly fat. Why? Because belly fat is firm and stubborn! However, donkey kick-backs are great drills to achieve a toned stomach. Although the name might sound funny, donkey kick-backs are a hell lot fun than any other strenuous push-ups or crunches. Best part – you don’t need any fancy machinery to get started and neither do you need ample space. A floor where you can rest your knees and hands is more than enough for doing donkey kick-backs. Try it!

Vertical Leg Crunch

This is again a terrific ab exercise. Many find it very similar to a usual abdominal crunch but it does come with a few differences. For example, the positioning of arms and legs and also the angle of motion is very different from a normal leg crunch. To get started, lie on a hard surface on your back. Now raise your legs in the air and straighten your arms. Try to touch your toes. Make sure you exhale when you’ve managed to reach your toes. Hold it for some-time and then release. That’s it! Do reps for better results.

Oblique Crunch

The oblique crunch is a very popular exercise in a proper ab-workout session. It seems to slacken more belly fat in a very less time. Doing an oblique crunch is no hard-nut to crack. All you need to do is lie on your back and keep your feet flat. Now raise one leg and bring your knees close to the chest (60-degree angle is perfect). Keep a watch on your arms. The hands should be at the back of your head. Ensure that the use of hands and legs are not symmetrical. Infact, it should be alternating. For example, if the left leg is raised, curl up just the right elbow.

Scale Pose

Primarily a part of power yoga, the scale pose is also known as the Tolasana. This exercise is more about balancing and guarantees strengthening of abdominal muscles. Other than this, it is also known as drill practiced by ancient men to stimulate the digestive system. Start by sitting in the lotus pose with your legs folded. Now using your wrists lift your body off the floor. That’s it! Have fun!

Get ready to flaunt a slimmer, sexier and flat-belly. Perform these exercises day-in-day-out for superb results.


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