Best Times to Eat for Effective Weight Loss

We are so used to focus on what to eat and what not to that we almost forgot that there are 2 other important factors which play a major role when it comes to weight loss. The “when” and “how” to eat! Eating at certain times of the day (and not eating too) does have an enormous effect. The key points are, having your first meal within an hour of waking up, not skipping breakfast, eating within an hour of finishing your work out and not eating just before hitting the bed at night.

I’m really having a hard time following the first 3 points and am working on getting it all done. Another interesting tip I learned from the article is to have a high carb, low fat meal post work out but I have been doing the exact opposite all these days and I’m wondering if that’s what slowing down my metabolism and weight loss because I seemed to have hit a plateau. I’m going to incorporate all the tips as soon as possible.

Do you follow any special regime for this? Share them below.


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