Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

A combination of good diet and proper exercise is the key to weight loss. Unfortunately there is no fancy machine available to help you slacken those fatty pouches. Neither is there some special fruit that shall miraculously scorch the fat and cut-down body weight by leaps and bounds instantly. To ensure speedy weight loss, try chowing down foods that burn fat. It is imperative to maintain a clean diet.

To witness the best of results, team up your diet with an effective exercise schedule. If you love gulping down scrumptious junk meals, try and alternate them with fresh fruits and organic items. Always bear in mind, a toned body is a secret to flourishing health. On the contrary, being a butterball is more of a welcome to harrowing health disorders. What would you choose?

Unwanted pounds are certainly distressing. Fortunately, there are plenary of organic options that help in burning down calories. These eatables primarily function as a metabolism booster. Natural properties in these food items trigger the hormones that are responsible in secreting fat. All food items serving the purpose of weight loss are categorized as ‘Clean Diet Staples’. Wondering why? Well, calling them ‘Miracle Fat Burning Foods’ wouldn’t be incorrect. These beneficial items purify the body system by eliminating all toxins that makes it difficult to shed-off unwanted fat.

Without much ado, here’s a list of top 10 fat burning foods that should help you get rid of those irritating extra pounds.

1. Green Tea

Green Tea Did you know that green tea ranks pretty high in a list of healthy foods and beverages? No, it’s not just a cup of hot flavored water and is by far much more befitting than a cup of Joe that is loaded with caffeine. Green tea comprises of a wholesome combination of healthy bioactive substances and ofcourse anti-oxidants (catechins). However, one of the most crucial components in green tea is the Epigallocatechin Gallate. This ingredient peps up the whole metabolism and ensures speedy weight loss.



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